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For Business

We are an institution with enterprise at its core, renowned for supporting the growth of our local and regional economy.

Within our University Enterprise Zone, we have formed clusters of excellence that respond to national and regional demands, providing students and businesses with access to funding and specialist business start-up, innovation, and growth support.

We prioritise growing, enabling and connecting our diverse talent with industry, and it is through these collaborations that we co-design, implement and grow business ideas and ventures, making our expertise accessible to industry.

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem ensures businesses, organisations, and students succeed and realise their full potential.

How we can help

Developing talent

More than 150 regional employers have strengthened their workforce with graduate placements, professional development, and apprenticeships.


Launching start-ups

226 student/graduate start-ups launched in the past three years.

Advancing expertise

Knowledge exchange between our experts and industry, has provided businesses with over £1.7million worth of expertise and support.