Accreditation and partners

In the School of Creative Arts, our graduates are trained to the highest industry standards, and our courses are recognised by a wide range of industry and professional bodies. These additional accreditations and in some cases, qualifications, serve to ensure that our graduates are the best.

ScreenSkills Tick

The aim of ScreenSkills course accreditation is to inform potential students about the high quality and relevance of industry skills they can expect to learn when they choose a practice-based course that has been awarded the industry-endorsed ScreenSkills Tick.

The ScreenSkills Tick is the quality mark for excellence in training courses and education in the Creative Industries. It identifies the UK’s most industry-focused courses and apprenticeships enabling universities, colleges and employers to recruit the brightest talent.

The following courses are accredited by ScreenSkills:

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JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Support)

JAMES is a consortium of music, entertainment and media industry organisations collaborating in the support of education and promotion of excellence.

Assessed by industry professionals, we engage with education primarily through our Course Accreditation process which is designed to endorse relevance, quality and continuing innovation throughout the student curriculum.

This not only equips students for a rapidly changing industry, but also ensures that many years of industry experience are not lost to future generations.

The following courses are accredited by JAMES:

  • BSc (Hons) Music & Sound Design Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Audio Recording & Production

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BAAT/HCPC (British Association of Art Therapists and Health Care Professions Council)

The MA in Art Therapy is fully accredited by the Health Care Professions Council, qualifying our graduates to work as accredited therapists within the UK, and elsewhere.

See more information on the BAAT and HCPC accreditation

Architects Registration Board

The ARB (Architects Registration Board) has officially prescribed our BA (Hons) Architecture degree for Part I, based on its course content (including education aims, learning outcomes and assessment criteria); and evidence that the University has adequate resources in place to maintain and increase the achievement of students.

Find out more about the ARB and its role in Architecture Education


CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et deTélévision – CILECT) is a global umbrella organisation for some of the world’s most reputable film and audio-visual related higher education institutions. It ensures collaborative partnerships and industry best practices are shared and maintained via global events, conferences and through its international network.

The University is one of just 175 film schools across the world that has been officially recognised by the organisation and awarded full membership. It is only the 8th institution in the UK to be allowed to join. Such is the calibre of the organisation’s members, 65% of all Academy Award winners come from a CILECT partner institution. To win membership the University had to go through a rigorous application process that lasted 18 months and saw its reputation in the area scrutinised by a panel of international experts from the CILECT network. The University received a unanimous vote from the 83 film schools taking part in the ballot.

As well as joining the 175 partner institutions from 60 countries on 6 continents, CILECT boasts a global network of more than 10,000 teachers and staff that annually train more than 60,000 students. It also means the University of Hertfordshire’s students and graduates will have an alumni network of more than 1.6million fellow filmmakers to engage with and learn from.