Applied Statistics Group


The Applied Statistics Group is a collaboration drawing members from across the University. The group aims to facilitate the sharing of statistical expertise, leading to a greater overall capability in the University and the opportunity to develop new research projects.

The group is co-ordinated by Neil Spencer, Director of the University’s Statistical Services and Consultancy Unit (SSCU).

Centre for Astrophysics Research (CAR)

  • Martin Hardcastle
  • Phil Lucas

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Centre for Computer Science and Informatics Research (CCSIR)

  • Parivash Ashrafi
  • Renato Cordeiro-De-Amorim
  • Joseph Spring
  • Yi Sun
  • Dag Syrdal

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Centre for Lifespan and Chronic Illness Research (CLiCIR)

  • John Done
  • Helen Dye
  • Keith Sullivan
  • David Wellsted

Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care (CRIPACC)

  • Nigel Smeeton

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Centre for Research in Psychology and Sport Sciences (CRiPSS)

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Geography, Environment and Agriculture

  • Chinthani Karandeni Dewage
  • David Hughes
  • Alla Mashanova
  • Aiming Qi
  • Henrik Stotz
  • Sudhir Tripathi

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Hertfordshire Business School

  • Sue Baker
  • Michaela Cottee
  • Soheil Davari
  • Eren Demir
  • Reda Lebcir
  • Hakim Mezali
  • Katya Murzacheva
  • Tassos Patokos
  • Aarti Rughoo
  • Neil Spencer
  • Dag Syrdal
  • Paul Taylor
  • Chris Tofallis

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School of Education

  • Michele Lloyd

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