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In this area of our website, you will find information that will help you support your son or daughter if they are thinking of going to university. We hope that you will find our online guide useful.

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Why choose Higher Education?

Why choose higher education?

Higher education (HE) is the range of degrees and study options normally undertaken by students over the age of 18...

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How to find the right university course

Finding the right university/course

There are plenty of universities and undergraduate degree courses to choose from. Here are a few tips to help your son or daughter make the right choice...

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How to apply for a university course

Applying to university

Most university applications are made via UCAS. Your son or daughter will be supported through this process by their school or college...

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How to write a personal statement for a university application

Personal statements

Top tips on how to write a personal statement for a university course application...

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Understanding university course offers

Understanding university offers

Once your son or daughter has submitted their UCAS application they will begin to receive offers of a place...

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All you need to know about university funding

Tuition fees and funding

Find out how to apply for a tuition fee loan and read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about student funding...

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Accommodation options for university students


For many students, starting university offers the first real chance of living away from home, gaining independence and developing life skills...

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How to prepare for university, arriving and settling in

Preparing for university

Preparing to start university is an exciting time for your son or daughter...

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The first year at university

The first year

An overview of the main events that take place during the first year of university study and how you can support your child at these times...

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Graduation and early career

Graduation and early career

Each year, our new graduates celebrate their academic achievements before taking the first steps of their careers...

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Glossary of university terms

Glossary of university terms

A list of definitions for words commonly used by universities and Higher Education institutions...

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Resource library

Resource library

A collection of resources for parents and guardians of children thinking of applying to university...

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