How to find the right university course

Where to start?

There are plenty of universities and undergraduate degree courses to choose from. To help your young person make the right choice, here are a few things they may want to consider...

Career Do I have a particular career in mind?
Interests What are my interests, passions and strengths?
Subject Do I want to focus on one area or study a combination of subjects?
Location Is it important for me to be close to home or do I want to move further away?
Accommodation Would I prefer to live in university halls, in rented accommodation or at home while I study?
Campus Would I like to study at a campus University where everything is on one site?
Social life and sport What activities and facilities would I like to have access to when I'm not studying?
Study Would I prefer full-time, part-time, online or vocational study?
Grades Do I expect to be able to meet the entry requirements for the course?
Support Do I need access to childcare or other specific support services?

Research the options

When your young person has identified what’s important to them, it is time to start looking for courses and universities that fit the criteria.

Before you start, take a quick look at our jargon buster to get used to the Higher Education terminology.

They can pick up to 5 university courses to apply for. These can be at the same or different universities.

Most students choose to study full-time for their university degree and will attend lectures on campus. However, part-time and online degree courses are also available.

Where to start the search

You will find detailed information about degree courses on university websites. If you don’t have a specific university in mind, the course search on the UCAS website, Which? University and the Complete University Guide are good starting points.

A wide range of courses is available at the University of Hertfordshire. Our degrees are developed with input from business and industry to ensure our graduates gain the qualifications that employers are looking for.

Take a close look at the entry requirements and modules taught on each course. Course names can sound similar but the entry requirements and modules may vary across universities.

Attend open days and campus tours

Visiting a university is a great way to get a feel for what it is like to study there. You can explore the facilities and will often get a chance to speak directly to staff and current students. Make sure you take a good look around while you are there and ask as many questions as possible.

Top questions to ask at a university open day.

At the University of Hertfordshire, we hold open days in October, November, March and June. Mini open days are offered in September, December and February. Remember to book your University of Hertfordshire open day in advance.

You can also attend smaller campus tours on a regular basis. Campus tours are generally led by our student representatives.

For a list of open days at other HE institutions, please visit the website.

Visit HE and UCAS fairs

Schools and colleges regularly hold Higher Education fairs on their premises. UCAS also holds fairs across the country to give schools and colleges the opportunity to support pupils with their university decisions.

The fairs provide a good opportunity for you to speak to staff from a large number of universities on the same day.

Visit the University of Hertfordshire at Exhibitions.

Try subject tasters

These are an excellent way for your son or daughter to explore a subject in more detail and get a taste of what it is like to study in a university environment.

Book onto one of our subject taster lectures and general information sessions.