How to prepare for university, arriving and settling in


Preparing to start university is an exciting time and there are many things to do and prepare. Before arriving at university, your young person should do:

Most universities provide detailed advice and guidance to help you prepare for the start of term. At Hertfordshire we provide a Student Handbook and joining instructions for new students.

Ask your young person to share the details with you so that you can support them if they have any questions - there can be a lot of information to take in.


Most universities have set dates for when you should arrive on campus.

Please contact your university for more details.

Settling in

Some students throw themselves into student life and settle in quickly. For others it may take a little longer to get used to being at university.

Encourage your young person to take part in activities or join clubs and societies right from the start of term. We have a range of exciting activities on offer to help new students settle in to life at the University of Hertfordshire. If they need more support, suggest they talk to fellow students and staff about how they feel.

Should you have concerns about your young person's wellbeing, please speak to them directly first. Encourage them to get in touch with the student support team at their chosen university. A wide range of student wellbeing support is available to University of Hertfordshire students through our Office of the Dean of Students.

Keeping in touch

Most parents are keen to find out how their young person is settling in to university and how well they perform in coursework and exams.

Please speak to them directly to get their latest news, but don't be surprised if they are in touch less often than you would like.

Although we’d love to let you know how they are getting on, universities have an obligation to respect the privacy of their students. We are therefore unable to release any information about how a student is progressing.