Why choose Higher Education?

The range of Higher Education (HE) choices available to an 18-year-old is vast. We appreciate that you, as a parent, want your young person to make the best possible choice for a bright future.

Choosing from the wide range of courses and universities is exciting - but where do you start and how do you know if university study is the right choice?

Higher Education is a rewarding and amazing journey that can offer immeasurable value to the future prospects of your child.

Having a degree opens up opportunities that might not be available otherwise, not only in the early stages of working life but later on as well, when moving from role to role. Generally speaking, graduates are more likely to have a job and, when in employment, they will earn more than non-graduates throughout their lifetime.

Labour Market Statistics 2022

Aged 16 – 64 Employment rate High-skill employment rate Median salary
(nearest £500)
Graduates86.7% 65.2% £36,000
Non-Graduates 70.6% 24.3% £26,000

During their Higher Education studies, a student will also develop transferable skills that will help them in their future career and life. You will see your young person transform and become a confident and self-sufficient adult with enhanced social skills, having made friends for life. Some even establish business ventures with classmates or friends.

You will find lots of information online about Higher Education study, for example take a look at:

Your step-by-step guide

Having a good understanding of the process will make it easier for you to support your young person with their university choice.

Read our online guide to higher education

Higher Education is a unique experience for every student. With your support, your young person will be able to decide if a university degree, a degree apprenticeship or an online degree is right for them.

Do get in touch if you have any questions about the process or would like to know more about what it is like to study at university – we are here to help.

We are proud of our graduates

Every year, we are excited to see our graduates achieve their goals, spread their wings and set off on their future career. Perhaps you will be one of the proud parents or supporters who join us at one of our future Awards Ceremonies?

We hope that you and your young person will consider the University of Hertfordshire as an option for their Higher Education journey.