How to apply for a university course

When your young person has chosen a university course, it is time to apply.

Apply via UCAS

All applications for undergraduate university degree courses are made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

Typically, they must submit their application to UCAS by the January deadline to give them the best possible chance of securing a place at their preferred university. For further details, look up the key UCAS dates so you are aware of what you have to do when.

They can choose up to 5 courses to apply for. These can be at one university or spread across different institutions. The same application is used for the 5 choices so selecting similar topics will make it easier to write a focused submission.

Completing the UCAS application

If you have questions on how to apply, you can talk to staff during a university open day visit.

The UCAS application is made online. Information required include:

  1. personal details and information about support requirements.
  2. background details.
  3. course and university choices.
  4. education and qualifications overview.
  5. employment details and experience.
  6. personal statement.

The reference

When they submit the UCAS application, it is automatically passed to their school so that a reference can be attached by their school or college tutor.

When the reference has been attached, the application is sent by UCAS to the universities applied for.


Log in to the UCAS Hub to keep an eye on their application once it has been submitted. UCAS will use the Hub to keep them updated on its progress.

Helping parents and guardians offer support

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