MA Human Resource Management (Global)

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  • Professional Accreditation: Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) enabling graduates to become a Chartered CIPD Member once they gain relevant experience.
  • Employment Prospects: Graduates have secured promotions with their current employers and work as HR Professionals for a variety of organisations, including KPMG, Tesco, and Ocado, as well as becoming independent HR consultants.
  • Industry Connections: You will have opportunity to attend school networking events to interact with our business partners.

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Professional Accreditations

This MA Human Resource Management degree is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Successful completion of the MA or PG Diploma, as awarded by the CIPD, means you are eligible to apply for CIPD Associate Membership, allowing you to use the designatory letters Assoc CIPD after your name. You can apply to upgrade to Chartered Member if you have the relevant experience.

Upgrading to Chartered Membership enables you to use the designated letters CMCIPD further enhancing your employability.

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About the course

The world has changed, yet we are still interconnected across nations and cultures. Together we face new and challenging global work issues. The global human resource management pathway attempts to develop and find solutions to these challenges. From the course you will be able to make better HRM decisions in a global context.

As a global Human Resource (HR) practitioner, you will need to find solutions to critical and complex issues in a global context. The course combines Human Resource Management (HRM) theory with a global business focus. You'll develop a deeper understanding of people management across cultures and nations. Having a global and international perspective and knowledge will provide a deeper insight into effective global people management.

External factors have brought a huge shift in how we work. You'll gain a thorough understanding of how organisations can respond to challenges that arise from today's changing work context. Whether challenges arise from government policies, environmental issues, or changes in society, our world is interconnected and complex. The issues faced by organisations need an innovative global approach. 

Central to this course are the themes of how to manage change and personnel development. Global HR practitioners need to think in radical ways to manage diverse attitudes and motivations of people entering the labour market. We'll encourage you to develop  an international and cosmopolitan mindset.

The intrinsic link between HR management, an organisation’s strategic and operational requirements, and the impact on society, can be powerful. We'll teach you the relevant and practical tools you'll need to respond to a range of HRM issues. We'll encourage you to think from a global and national perspective. To address issues of equality, diversity and climate change in an innovative way. New ways of thinking about work and the role organisations play in the world is crucial. We'll guide you to become a critical, inspiring leader of the future, starting today. Our assessments are geared to provide you with academic and real-life practical skills to enhance your career. This means you'll be able to immediately apply your learning to the workplace. 

All HRM students complete the following core modules:

  • Working lives in a changing environment
  • Strategic People Management & Development
  • Business research in people practice
  • Personal effectiveness and leadership
  • And a consultancy based HRM dissertation dealing with a global HRM issue

The global pathway has an additional two core modules:

  • Global HRM
  • People Management across cultures

Why choose this course?

  • You want relevant and key skills to develop your careers in a global context
  • You want to learn about global HRM
  • You want to help people reach their potential
  • You want to add value to organisations and make a positive impact on society from a global perspective
  • You’re looking for inspiring course content, with a range of optional modules to tailor your studies to suit your interests
  • You value a fresh approach to teaching and learning, which focuses on real-life application of theory
  • You’re looking to study alongside a diverse and inspiring cohort. We expect you to be studying alongside personnel and HR managers, line managers, trade unionists and equal opportunity officers from a variety of backgrounds. This will be a valuable opportunity to learn from the experience and perspective of your peers
  • Business and Management Studies ranked in the top 25% of UK universities for research impact. (Research Excellence Framework, 2021). 

What will I study?

We offer a problem-based learning approach to our teaching so you can gain real life skills for the workplace. Together we’ll explore complex issues arising from research, practices and current debates and see these from a global perspective. You’ll analyse human resource management at an individual, organisational, national and international level. We’ll teach you how to recognise ethical dilemmas and corporate responsibility issues to ensure that the organisations you work with are sustainable. You’ll develop an inquiry practice-orientated mindset, showing expert problem-solving, decision making and evaluation skills.

We offer a blended learning approach, including individual and group work, one-to-one sessions, workshops, study trips, guest speakers and live projects/case studies. Formal lectures will be kept to a minimum (and available online if you can’t be with us in person or want to review later).

We value our students as HR practitioners in training.  This means that you are starting or continuing your professional development in the class room. To reflect this, our teaching, learning and assessment shares this core value. For example, our tutors will facilitate and role model human resource management practice. Plus, we'll encourage you to apply your learning to HRM problems and issues in the class and during assessments.

Our focus is on experiential real-life learning, where you’ll be immersed in activities that bridge the gap between theory and practice. You’ll be assessed in this way too, with each assessment having two sections: a critical review of theory and application of that theory to practice. For example, you could carry out small consultancy work, deliver a presentation or write a brief to the board of directors to evidence your knowledge.

The world of human resource management is complex and unpredictable. By studying at Herts, you’ll gain the personal development, skills and strategies you need to help individuals, organisations and your own career thrive. You'll develop insights and skills in cross cultural management to empower you to manage a diverse international workforce in a fast-changing world.

We'll teach you the current issues and challenges that global HR needs to confront and solve. You'll explore major issues central to cultural and institutional differences in people management, local markets, legal, economic systems, differing management styles, different approaches to compensation management, and the global HRM decision-making process. Issues such as the major challenges in the global staffing process, selection, learning, training & development strategies, and the cultural differences in these. You'll analyse HRM and management policies, practices and strategies to overcome these issues and challenges. 

  • Level 7
    Module Credits Compulsory/optional
    PG HRM Dissertation/Management Research Project (CIPD) 45 Credits Compulsory
    Working Lives in a Changing Environment 15 Credits Compulsory
    Strategic People Management and Development 15 Credits Compulsory
    Business Research in People Practice 15 Credits Compulsory
    Personal Effectiveness and Leadership 15 Credits Compulsory
    Global HRM 15 Credits Compulsory
    People Management Across Cultures 15 Credits Compulsory
    Employment Law 15 Credits Optional
    Contemporary Employment relations 15 Credits Optional
    Sustainable Organisational Change and Development 15 Credits Optional
    Strategic Reward 15 Credits Optional
    People Resourcing 15 Credits Optional
    Strategic Learning and Development 15 Credits Optional
    Ethics In Business: A Global Perspective 15 Credits Optional
    Effective Work Psychology 15 Credits Optional
    Contemporary Issues in Work Psychology 15 Credits Optional
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    Adrian Thornley
    Programme Leader
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