New students

We can’t wait to welcome you in September! Are you ready to become an official Herts student? Remember there are two stages to registration, and you will need to complete both. Stage 1 involves checking your personal and programme details and then you will upload your documents to confirm your identity. Stage 2 involves our student records and enrolment team checking through your documents and information to make sure everything is correct. They will email you if there’s an issue with your documents. Below we will take you through every step of registration.

Set up your University login account

Your University login account gives you access to all our systems and resources including StudyNet and Canvas which you need for your programme. Keep an eye on your inbox - you will receive an email from our helpdesk team asking you to set up your username and password.

Stage 1 registration

You will receive an email inviting you to complete stage 1 registration in mid-August. Remember to have the relevant documents and information – and you can check our registration page if you need to double check.

What next?

When you've completed stage 1 registration you will receive an email confirmation which will explain how to upload your documents and what to expect for stage 2 of registration.

Upload your documents

If you’re a home student, before you begin stage 2, you will need to upload your relevant documents to confirm your identity and how you will be funding your programme. You can find details about what documentation you need to upload on our registration page.

Do not complete this step if you’re an international or EU student who has a study or time-limited leave visa. You will need to book an on-campus appointment where you will bring your documents to be checked over as part of UKVI guidelines.

Stage 2 registration

Home students

For new home students, once you have uploaded your documents, our student records and enrolment team will review the documents to make sure you’ve met all the requirements. If there are any issues, such as missing documents or files that cannot be read by our systems, the team will be in touch. Make sure you keep an eye on your emails during this time.

If the team are satisfied that you have completes all stages of registration, they will mark your student record as fully registered. The earliest you could become fully registered is 14 days before your programme’s start date. You will be able to check if you are fully registered by logging into your Student Record.

International, EU, EAA and Swiss students

If you have a time fixed visa, such as an international/EU/EAA/Swiss student, you will need to book your on-campus appointment where you will need to bring all your relevant documents to be checked. You can check our registration page to make sure you have all the correct documentation.

What else do I need to do?

Now that you’ve completed registration, you can collect your student ID card from our Ask Herts Hubs.

Our on-campus Ask Herts Hubs is where you can ask our friendly staff questions about everything from your timetable to student finance and collect your student ID card. You’ll need your student ID card for swiping into class to mark your attendance, to accessing our Learning Resources Centres, to getting on an Uno bus. Download the Herts mobile app to view your nearest Ask Herts Hub.