When you arrive

Your first few days and weeks at Herts will pass by in a blur! So we’ve put together a list of what you need to do and what you can get involved in when you get here.

Preparing for your first day

If you’re joining us as a new student, your welcome letter in your registration portal will explain where to go for your programme inductions. You must complete your registration to view your full timetable. Current students will be able to view their induction timetable by logging into StudyNet.

Practical information

Make sure you’ve ticked these off your to-do list.

Your Herts, Your Experience

Starting university is a massive decision – and you chose us. We are delighted that you have selected Herts and we do not under-estimate your commitment to us, your studies and the unique experience you will gain here.

Discover Herts

Uni life is more than studying. Explore our events and create lifelong memories with new people! Who will you be at Herts?