Physics courses

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Why study physics?

Physics is one of the most fundamental of all sciences – helping us better understand the universe through the behaviour of matter, energy and forces – and the catalyst for significant advances that have helped shape society.

Our Department of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics is among the top 10 in the UK and home to world-leading research.

Study with us and we will provide you with knowledge of the fundamental theories of physics and their application to current research and technology, as well as the opportunity to gain real industry work experience. With well-developed problem solving abilities and analytical skills, our graduates are highly sought by a wide range of employers.

Student practicals

During their time at the University, physics and astrophysics students use the observatory at Bayfordbury to learn practical astronomy as part of their astrophysics courses.

When the weather is not favourable to optical observations practicals will involve radio astronomy, image reduction and processing, and the theory being practical astronomy.

There is a minibus which transports students from the main university campus to the Observatory for course practicals.

Your career in physics

A physics degree will open up opportunities for careers in industry, teaching, telecommunications, computing and research. The analytical skills you will gain are also highly valued in a variety of non-scientific jobs, including finance, accounting or commerce. You will also be able to progress onto postgraduate study.