Outreach and public engagement

The University of Hertfordshire plays an important role in educating the wider community in physics, astronomy and mathematics, and for this purpose, we run a wide range of physics, astronomy and mathematics outreach programmes.

We hope you will engage with our research through one of the programmes below.

Physics and astronomy


Our outreach and public engagement team supports young people and other groups to succeed in physics throughout their educational life cycles including primary, secondary and university education as well as connecting the community with our research.

In our latest Strategic Plan 2020-2025, we draw on evidence to identify how to improve our current strategic outlook with a reflection of where we need to allocate resources and activity in order to better achieve our strategic goals.

Read our Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (DOCX - 0.03 Mb).

The programmes below outline the activity outputs of our strategic plan.

For schools and children’s community groups

For teachers

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