Testimonial from Future Living Client

See here for a case study from a Future Living client.

'After my ex-partner was arrested for a violently assaulting me, I plucked up the courage to attend Future Living. I was reluctant to speak out about my abuse and it was only because my GP had to report my injuries to the police that I was prompted to seek help.

I was introduced to the Monica programme which is a group session for people who have lived through domestic violence. This programme has really helped me process the trauma and listen to others with similar experiences. This was really important to me as during the relationship I tended to isolate myself and genuinely believed all that was happening was my fault.

My ex-partner was due to go to court in November and just days before I was told after months of police interviews and the subsequent stress, that the CPS decided to drop the case. I was devastated, confused and frustrated as I just could not understand why my ex-partner was getting away with this. The confidence Future Living had given me encouraged me to speak up about this with the group and my Future Living counsellor.

Future Living provided me with the opportunity to discuss this decision with their volunteer Family Law Solicitor. I met with the solicitor who put me at ease as she was very patient and caring. I expressed that I was encouraged to speak out by Future Living but now felt so vulnerable, fearful for my safety and frustrated that I had not been heard. She felt that the CPS’s decision to pursue a coercive behaviour charge had been wrong and if they had chosen a different charge, such as GBH, the outcome may have been different. She advised me to write to the CPS and request a review of the case and some answers in regards to the choice of charge. She also talked me through the safety provisions which could be put in place by the police.

The Solicitor and Future Living encouraged me to put pen to paper and appeal to the CPS and I’m very thankful I did! The CPS have responded saying that they are investigating the matter further and have been in touch with the police for more evidence. For me I feel this is a positive outcome as I am finally being heard and despite being initially let down by the system I can only ever thank Future Living for helping me feel valued and encouraging me to speak out.'