Duty Lawyer Legal Exchange


The Hertfordshire Law School of the University of Hertfordshire is proud to host an online virtual international legal exchange on Duty Lawyer Systems in January 2022. This International Legal Exchange is designed to study best practices of duty lawyer systems and the training of duty lawyers by focusing on the UK and Chinese systems, with a practical objective of increasing the capacity of duty lawyer systems to better protect the rights of accused individuals. We will survey the role and responsibilities of the duty lawyer from the police detention phase through the trial phase. Topics and sessions are as follows:

赫特福德大学法学院荣幸地在2022年1月举办关于值班律师制度的线上虚拟国际法律交流。 此国际法律交流旨在针对英国和中国的制度,以研习最佳值班律师制度的实践和值班律师的训练,并以扩大值班律师制度和更好地保护被告人作实际目标。我们会审视值班律师从警方拘留到审讯阶段的角色和责任。 以下是各主题和环节:


Session 1: Tuesday 04 January 2022

  • Overview of the Duty Lawyer’s Role in the Police Detention Phase

Session 2: Monday 10 January 2022

  • Duty Lawyers’ Working Relationships with Police Officers
  • The Initial Client Interview

Session 3: Tuesday 18 January 2022

  • Role of Duty Lawyers in Bail Proceedings

Session 4: Thursday 20 January 2022

  • Role of Duty Lawyers in Guilty Pleas/Plea Leniency Systems

Session 5: Tuesday 25 January 2022

  • Training of Duty Lawyers
  • Strengthening Duty Lawyer Systems through Legislation, Policy, and Others

环节一:  2022年1月4日星期二

  • 概述值班律师在警方拘留阶段的角色

环节二:  2022年1月10日星期一

  • 值班律师与警务人员的工作关系
  • 与当事人初步会见

环节三:  2022年1月18日星期二

  • 值班律师在取保候审的角色

环节四:  2022年1月20日星期四

  • 值班律师在认罪/认罪认罚的角色

环节五:  2022年1月25日星期二

  • 值班律师的训练
  • 从立法、政策等加强值班律师制度


  • Judge Andrew Bright, Q.C., retired Crown Court judge, Principal Lecturer, Hertfordshire Law School
  • Zhiyuan Guo, Professor, College of Criminal Justice, Deputy Director, Center for Criminal Law and Justice, China University of Political Science and Law
  • Ash Hornsby, Lecturer, Hertfordshire Law School, former Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector
  • Diana Kirsch, Director of Pro Bono, Hertfordshire Law School, Criminal Defence Solicitor
  • Lauren McGilvray, Senior Lecturer, Hertfordshire Law School, Criminal Solicitor
  • Chenzi Pan, Lecturer, Criminal Law School of Northwest University of Political Science and Law
  • Modupe Smith, Principal Lecturer, Hertfordshire Law School, Criminal Barrister
  • Yuening Wei, Professor, China University of Political Science and Law, Director, Institute of Criminal Procedure Law.


  • Andrew Bright法官:御用大律师,皇室法院退休法官、赫特福德大学法学院首席讲师
  • 郭志媛:中国政法大学教授,中国政法大学刑事法律研究中心副主任
  • Ash Hornsby: 赫特福德大学法学院讲师、前伦敦侦查督察
  • Diana Kirsch:赫特福德大学法学院公益法律主任、刑事辩护事务律师
  • Lauren McGilvray:赫特福德大学法学院高级讲师,刑事辩护事务律师
  • 潘晨子: 西北政法大学刑事法学院教师
  • Modupe Smith :赫特福德大学法学院首席讲师、刑事大律师
  • 卫跃宁: 中国政法大学刑事诉讼法学研究所所长教授

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All sessions will be held online through Zoom from 11.00-14.00 (GMT) / 19.00-22.00 (CST). Professional simultaneous translation in English-Chinese will be provided. Sessions are open to lawyers, judges, prosecutors, academics, and other stakeholders in either the UK or Chinese duty lawyer system. Please register below.

所有环节会由早上11时至下午2时 (英国时间) / 晚上7时至10时 (中国时间) 在Zoom 线上举行,亦会提供专业英中同步翻译。 欢迎来自英国或中国值班律师制度的律师、法官、检察官、学者和其他持份者参加。 请在下面报名。

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