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Here are 9 stories that student-teachers shared about linking theory and practice. You can explore the stories to see what or who has helped the student-teachers to link theory and practice, and what barriers they have faced, and what they found helpful.

You can look at the stories on your own, as a teacher educator or mentor, and see what learning there is for you and your practice. You can also explore these stories together as professionals working in partnerships, to see what learning there is for you together, and how you might be able to move your practice forward to better support student-teachers in the task of connecting theory and practice.

Each story has some activities that you can use individually or in a workshop with other teacher educators in your partnership. Alternatively, you can design your own activities  (ten ways you could use these stories; ten more ways you could use these stories). We recommend you work together as groups of teacher mentors and centre-based teacher educators. Working in this way can help you to develop understanding across the partnership and gain new perspectives and insights that can move your thinking forward.

These research-informed resources were produced as part of a project funded by the International Professional Development Association.

We hope you find them helpful. We would love to hear your feedback.

Elizabeth White & Miranda Timmermans

Download booklet of all the student-teacher stories

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