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From tackling climate change to helping ensure food and information security, our experts are committed to protecting people and the planet by finding innovative and sustainable solutions to the most critical social, environmental and economic challenges facing society today.

Hertfordshire Business School is ranked 8th for Research Impact (Research Excellence Framework 2021).  90% of our research has been judged as ‘internationally excellent’ or ‘world leading’.

Our leading researchers

Professor Hafiz Alaka
Director, Big Data Technologies & Innovation Laboratory

Hafiz is a leading researcher in the area of applied contemporary technologies including big data, artificial intelligence and IoT.  The Laboratory has various equipment and services required for project delivery, including a deep learning local server machine, a VR-ready machine capable of rapid prototyping, Apple Macbooks, Google Play and App Store developer accounts.

Hafiz also leads the Prediction of Climate and its Impacts group in the Centre for Climate Change Research.

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Professor Eren Demir
Decision Sciences

Eren is a healthcare modelling specialist who combines the expertise in strategic consulting and advanced analytics, offering decision makers powerful tools to appreciate the complexity of their system and understand its inner working, i.e. ‘tools for thinking’. It gives the opportunity to evaluate the implications of possible policies before the actions are implemented in the real world, hence avoiding the trap of ‘doing things and hoping for the best’.

Eren has completed many research projects working closely with healthcare services nationally and overseas (e.g. Nigeria and Kenya), such as demand and capacity planning of hospitals; re-design of services to improve clinical outcomes; application of AI algorithms predicting adverse events; simulation of patient pathways; evaluation of service outcomes, and development of models to measure cost effectiveness.

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Professor Jyoti Choudrie
Information Sciences

Jyoti’s research is in the digital divide between older adults and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). She is researching the use of human-centric artificial intelligence and has collaborated with Desi Radio, Age UK Hertfordshire, and Symbiosis International University in India to identify and understand misinformation about Covid-19 prevention and cure within older adults. She has been a keynote speaker for the International Congress of Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Britain conferences, and she supervises doctoral students from around the globe.

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