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Be part of our professional and business community at Hertfordshire Business School by joining our Business Academy.

Business Academy is an easy and accessible hub based in Hertfordshire Business School offering much more than networking. Its rolling annual programme includes business briefings, webinars, research insights, CPD and training, work-based learning, discussion groups, LIVE projects and many other collaboration opportunities.

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Upcoming events and activities

Centre for Executive Leadership: Sustainability and Wealth-Building Summit10 October 2018
Business Academy LIVE: Workfest Week15 - 19 October 2018
MBA Masterclass:  How to Innovate with Confidence26 October 2018
FSB Debate:  BREXIT - Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs1 November 2018
Festival of Social Science: Bridging the Internet Generation Gap7-8 November 2018
WorkSMART: Effective Coaching in the Workplace16 November 2018
2020 Business Group: Driving Performance through People20 November 2018
Centre for Executive Leadership: Exploring Reflective Leadership23 November 2018
Business Academy Briefing: CSR and Beyond12 December 2018
WorkSMART:  Performance Management17 January 2019
2020 Business Group:  Building Talent Pipelines23 January 2018
Centre for Executive Leadership: MBA Masterclass 8 February 2019
Business Academy LIVE: Business School Placements Conference8 March 2019
Business Academy LIVE: Winning Herts and Minds13 March 2019
Executive Leadership: MBA Masterclass15 March 2019
WorkSMART:  Understanding Financial Management21 March 2019
Business Academy LIVE: Graduate & Employer Forum3 April 2019
2020 Business Group10 April 2019
WorkSMART: Building and Writing a Business Plan16 May 2019
Executive Leadership: MBA Showcase24 May 2019
WorkSMART Summer School17 - 28 June 2019
Business Academy LIVE: Hertfordshire Business School Summer Celebration3 July 2019

Past events

Business Academy LIVE:  Employer Panel3 October 2018
Business Academy LIVE: Hertfordshire Sustainable Funding Fair14 September 2018
Complexity and Management Conference: Taking Complexity Seriously8-10 June 2018
Business Academy Summer School25-29 June 2018
Hertfordshire Business School Summer Celebration4 July 2018
MBA Information Evening11 July 2018