Short Courses in Statistics

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How to apply

Please click on the links below to the relevant courses and follow the instructions to apply online. If you are unable to pay by card and require an invoice, please email

Course TitleDurationCostDates
Introductory Courses in Statistics
Getting Started with Stats1 day£199


Starter Course in Statistics2 days Please email for dates
Courses in Creating Surveys
Questionnaire Design and Sample Selection0.5 days£7524/01/2019
Sample Size and Power0.5 days£75


Courses in Statistical Data Analysis
Comparing Groups1 day£19914/03/2019
Relationships in Data1 day£19922/11/2018
Essential Data Analysis2 days£31904-05/06/2019
Essential Topics in Multivariate Data Analysis2 days£39911-12/06/2019
Intermediate/Refresher Course in Statistics3 days Please email for dates
Advanced Data Modelling2 days Please email for dates
Courses in Statistical Software
Introduction to R1 day£15022/05/2019
Pick and Mix Courses
Our pick and mix courses enable you to choose to attend individual parts of the courses listed above. By attending the whole course you receive a discount compared with paying for the individual pick and mix elements.
Pick & Mix: Classical Hypothesis Testing1.25 days£17504/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Measures of Association2.75 hours£8005/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Essentials of Sample Size and Power1.25 hours£5005/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Linear Regression2.25 hours£7005/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Factor Analysis2 hours£9611/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Correspondence Analysis2 hours£9611/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Cluster Analysis0.5 days£12012/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Discriminant Analysis0.5 days£12012/06/2019
Pick & Mix: Selecting a Suitable Sample2 hours Please email for dates
Pick & Mix: Statistical Fundamentals1.25 days Please email for dates
Pick & Mix: Factorial Analysis of Variance1 day Please email for dates
Pick & Mix: Power Calculations1.5 hours Please email for dates
Pick & Mix: ANCOVA/MANOVA/MANCOVA1 day Please email for dates
Pick & Mix: Binary Logistic Regression2 hours Please email for dates
Pick & Mix: Multinomial Logistic Regression1.75 hours Please email for dates
Pick & Mix: Ordered Multinomial Logistic Regression1.5 hours Please email for dates


Our standard course fees already incorporate discounts compared with undertaking their individual elements separately via our pick and mix courses.

Accommodation for short courses

It is not possible to book bed and breakfast accommodation at the University. However, local places to stay are listed below. It is possible that a discount may be offered if you say you are attending a University event.

Beales Hotel (+44 (0)1707 288500)
Best Western (0844 387 6129)
The Airfield Premier Inn (0871 527 8489)
Mercure Hatfield Oak (+44 (0)1707 275701)
Travelodge Hatfield Central (0871 984 6316)