Game of Thrones Conference 2017

Co-organised by the Media Research Group of the Schools of Creative Arts and Humanities


Widely rumoured to be moving into its final season, HBO’s Game of Thrones (2011- ) has enjoyed 6 years of global popularity, attracted international scholarly and critical attention and reached record-breaking audiences. This international conference sought to widen the scope of scholarly work to include contributions from all aspects of the creative industries.

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Anne Gjelsvik - Facing Change in Westeros?

Rikke Schubart - Broken Things, Women, and Change: Game of Thrones and Playing with Existential Explosive Plasticity

Martin Barker - ‘Letting the smallfolk speak: a first report from the International Game of Thrones Audience Project’


Matteo Barbagello - The One we are Living in: Westeros and the Dantesque Interpretation of Death

Simon Born - Valar Morghulis – Representations of Death and Dying in HBO’s Game of Thrones

Daniel Clarke - Westeros via. Belfast: Faux-authenticity and the Heritage Experience of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Amanda Digioia - ‘All my life I've been knocking men like you into the dust’: Feminist Critiques of Game of Thrones Within Online Feminist Communities

Julie Escurignan - ‘They do not sow’:The Creation of a Game of Thrones’ Economic Fanverse through Fan-Made Merchandizing

Nicholas Furze - Time Through a Lens: Game of Thrones, a Modern Perception of Late-Medieval Life

Christian Gonzatti - Game of Thrones and Journalism: the Emergence of Feminist Collectives in Brazilian Digital Pop Culture

Briony Hannell - Restoring the Balance: Feminist Meta-Texts and the Productivity of Tumblr’s Game of Thrones Fans

Olivia Hinkin - Representations of Incest within Game of Thrones

Rosser Johnson - Legitimacy and Being Female: Character Arcs and Storyline Convergence in Season 6 of Game of Thrones

Andrew Lynch - ‘Watercooler Westeros: After the Thrones as Transmedia Quality TV Paratext’

Rachel Misses Ward - “We’re going to need a bigger box of red crayons” Adapting Game of Thrones for the Adult Colouring Book Market

Hector J. Perez - Fan Theories and Aesthetic Consciousness: On Jon Snow's Death and Resurrection.

Amanda Potter - Classical Heroines in HBO Game of Thrones: Iphigenia and Medea in Westeros

Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat - Games of Piracy and Fandom: Technology, Copyright and Industry.

Alexander Sergeant - Across the Narrow Screen: Televisual World-Building in HBO’s Game of Thrones

Zoe Shacklock - Embodied Spectatorship and the Game of Thrones Reaction Video

Eve Smith -  “What if Richard had left the princes with their mother rather than putting them in the tower? Oh wait isn’t that the plot of Game of Thrones”: Shakespearean Transtextuality in Game of Thrones Fandom.

Ben Tyrer - Fantasy Decomposed: Traumatic Desire and (dis)integration in Game of Thrones


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