Student parents

We understand that juggling family life and your studies can be difficult. At the University of Hertfordshire, we offer a range of services and facilities to help ensure you can continue to support your family whilst making the most of what student life has to offer.



The University Day Nursery offers on-campus childcare facilities for students and staff. The nursery accepts children from 3 months to 5 years offering them stimulating learning environment with sessions and activities suited to the individual child.

Find out more about the University Day Nursery.


Our on-site accommodation is exclusive for students. However, there is ample off-campus accommodation in the local area for students with families with plenty of public transport to get to and from campus.

Find out more about living off-campus.


Across both of our campuses we provide students who are breastfeeding, or need to express, access to private and hygienic facilities. We also have First Aid Rooms which may be used, all of which contain fridges. Locations can be found through the University's wayfinding app.

Financial support

The University works to ensure students who are raising children, or are facing hardship outside of their studies, enjoy their student experience and make the most of their time with us.

Any student can apply for support via the University Financial Assistance Fund (UFAF).

Student Parents are also able to apply for support via Student Finance England.

It would be better for students to seek financial support via the following avenues too. Students with children or dependent adults can apply for:

Academic support

The University supports students and staff who are pregnant by ensuring its policies, practices and services are inclusive, including our approach to teaching.

Many of our Schools of Study offer cohort tutors, pastoral support tutors and personal tutors to help with any issues you may be experiencing as a student parent. Our approach to flexible study means that we can ensure timetables suit the needs of all our students, helping you to balance your studies with your family life. In some cases this is not always possible, but your School of Study will be able to advise.


Student wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing team offer a range of professional and specialist services, covering everything from emotional, mental health, disability and health related issues.

Dean of students

The Office of the Dean of Students provide support for the student community, both on and off campus.

Advice and Support Centre – the Students’ Union

The Students’ Union provide free confidential and impartial advice on a range of issues. They can help you with issues related to your academic, financial and personal circumstances.