Data Science Degree Apprenticeship

About the course

The Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship has been developed by Hertfordshire University in consultation with leading employers and subject experts to build data science talent to meet emerging global demand. Apprentices will develop the skills and expertise to interrogate data, systems and approaches to unlock insights, improve organisational processes and inform decision making.

Why choose this course?

Our Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship offers a tailored, work-based learning experience aimed at equipping apprentices with the skills to manage and analyse large datasets within their organisations effectively.

Apprentices will undergo comprehensive training in specific data analysis techniques and data science problem-solving skills, including statistics, mathematical modelling, algorithm design, and computer programming. Moreover, they will develop essential business skills such as presentation and communication, teamwork, and workload management, ensuring they are well-rounded professionals capable of addressing diverse challenges in the workplace.

One of the unique features of our programme is its emphasis on practical application. Throughout the apprenticeship, apprentices are encouraged to identify and explore opportunities, data, and business questions within their organisation where they can apply the techniques learned. By integrating their real-world work experiences into their projects, apprentices contextualise their learning, making it more relevant and impactful.

Overall, our Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship empowers apprentices to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling them to contribute effectively to their organisations' data-driven decision-making processes and drive meaningful business outcomes.

What will I study?

The course will develop a combination of knowledge and skills required to collect, organise and study data to provide new business insight. Apprentices will understand the context of Data Science and the ethical, legal and social issues relating to Data Science and their implication on your work and organisation.


After successfully completing the degree apprenticeship programme, the apprentice will have developed the knowledge, skills and behaviours to work in industry as a Data Scientist. Their role within their specialist discipline could be:

· Data Architect

· Data Engineer

· Analyst

· Technology Professional

· Data Scientist

· Data Engineer