How to apply for a degree apprenticeship

As degree apprenticeships are delivered by the University in partnership with an employer, applications are made directly to the employer in line with their recruitment processes.

Currently it is not possible to apply for a degree apprenticeship via UCAS or by direct entry to the University.


If you would like to study for an apprenticeship with the University of Hertfordshire, you should:

  1. Register with the University to be kept informed of vacancies and application support available.
  2. Create an account on ‘Find an apprenticeship’.
  3. Search for degree apprenticeship vacancies.
  4. Apply directly to the company following their instructions.
  5. Attend the recruitment day for an interview or assessment activity.
  6. Await the employer outcome.

Should you be made an offer from the employer on their apprenticeship programme you will then receive your apprentice contract of employment and be asked to complete the University entry form. You will then receive a formal confirmation of your place from the University.

Application tips

  • Do your research into the apprentice occupation and company – employers offer different benefits for apprentices.
  • Contact the employer or University lead to discuss the role and ask questions.
  • List your skills, qualities, experience and interests before writing your application – this will help you match your skills with the apprenticeship role.
  • Tailor your application to the apprenticeship and company you are applying for.
  • Seek advice and feedback on your application before submission.

Any questions?

Get in touch if you have any queries - we are here to help.