Quality Assurance Agency Higher Education Review

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) has confirmed the quality and standards of provision at the University of Hertfordshire.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is an independent body which monitors and advises on standards and quality within UK higher education. A key part of QAA's role is to review and report on how universities maintain their academic standards and quality, to inform students and the wider public whether we meet the expectations of the higher education sector. Students are at the heart of this Higher Education Review; there was student membership of our QAA peer review team, and our students had an opportunity to take part in the review by submitting a student submission, meeting the review team, and working with the University in response to review outcomes.

The team of QAA reviewers visited the University of Hertfordshire in December 2015 and judged that our academic standards, the quality and enhancement of our students’ learning experience, and the quality of information about this learning experience all meet UK expectations. In other words, the University meets national requirements for standards and quality.

A copy of QAA’s review report is available on the QAA website.

The review identified the following areas of good practice:

  • The University takes an inclusive, developmental and enhancement-oriented approach to its engagement with its extensive and complex range of collaborative partner institutions;
  • The University promotes a strong cohort identity among its research degree students, within a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

The review also affirmed the following action that our University is already taking to improve the educational provision offered to its students:

  • The University is taking action to improve the quality and utility of marker feedback on assessed work, to meet the needs of all students

The QAA team made no recommendations on matters for further improvement. This is a remarkable achievement, as no other UK University has received no recommendations following a Higher Education Review.

Our action plan, with our plans to capitalise on the features of good practice and respond to the affirmation, has been developed in partnership with our Students' Union. The Action Plan will be approved at the University's Academic Board on 22nd June 2016.

The University of Hertfordshire’s Strategic Plan for 2015-20 has at its core the aim to be internationally renowned for research-rich education that produces creative, professional and enterprising graduates. This successful Higher Education Review outcome is a reflection on the very high quality of student experience that the University provides. Our strong partnership working with our students, their representatives and the Hertfordshire Students' Union will support and inform continuous improvement and further enhancement of our provision on an on-going basis each year.