Research, enterprise and knowledge exchange

At Herts, we’re committed to increasing our understanding of climate change and sustainability and empowering communities and businesses all over the world to take purposeful action to protect our planet through our research, enterprise and innovation activities.

Research at Herts

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire are increasing our understanding of climate change, creating sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, and empowering people to take positive and purposeful action to protect our planet.

Find out more about how we power progress through our research into climate change and future societies.

Sustainable Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange

We've embedded sustainability principles across all our Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange programmes and initiatives to empower the business community and key stakeholders in our region and beyond to take purposeful action to protect our planet.

By providing access to our research expertise, infrastructure, and business support services, we help develop sustainability-driven entrepreneurial ventures, and collaborate with students, graduates and businesses partners on Research and Development, skills development and innovation.

Sustainability is also a key theme in our student, graduate and business facing events, with flagship sustainability-focused events including our Global Entrepreneurship Week and the Green Careers Fair.

By leveraging collective knowledge and fostering collaboration, both locally and across the world, knowledge exchange can help find practical solutions, implement sustainable practices, and create positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes.