Hertfordshire Executive MBA

Expand your mind and your network

In March 2015 the Hertfordshire Executive MBA was awarded the AMBA accreditation, which reflects the commitment to guaranteeing quality and fostering innovation.

The course offers students:

  • A distinctive integrative approach to leadership and enterprise skills development
  • Cutting edge research, industry practice and live consultancy
  • The opportunity to become an enterprising, reflective leader
  • The ability to gain corporate entrepreneurship skills and a mind-set driven by risk-taking and growth orientation

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Professional MBA Scholarship

To apply for the scholarship you need to demonstrate how you have benefited your organisation over the past 5 years, showed critical thinking and strong leadership skills and overcame specific business challenges. You will also need explain why this is the appropriate stage in your career to apply for the MBA. Please contact mba@herts.ac.uk for further information

Please note that if you apply and receive the Professional MBA Scholarship you will not eligible for any other University scholarships.

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If you are considering studying for an MBA but are unsure of how it might benefit your career, or how you might manage your existing commitments, then come and talk to us.

For a more informal discussion with the Director of the MBA programme please email mba@herts.ac.uk or call us on +44 (0)1707 285572 to make an appointment.