What to pack

Wondering what on earth you need to bring to uni or worrying you’ll forget something important? Well don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

We know packing for uni can be stressful, so we have created a guide to help you work out what you need to bring. For example, it’s worth asking yourself ‘do I really need ten pairs of shoes?’. Remember, whatever you pack needs to fit in the car and you will almost definitely accumulate more stuff during your time at uni.

Don’t worry about forgetting something, you’re not moving to the moon! We have lots of supermarkets in the area that are just a short walk away and on-campus post delivery services to make receiving parcels easier.

Moving into campus accommodation?

If you're going to be living at uni, either on our College Lane or de Havilland Campus, you can find out what your accommodation already has by checking out our living on campus guides. It might save you bringing unnecessary things!

Packing the essentials

Working out some of the things you might need will be straightforward, such as clothes and toiletries. But somethings like documentation and odd bits you take for granted around the house may miss the packing box.

A useful tip: if you’re short on space, things like washing up liquid and cleaning supplies can be bought from our campus shop when you arrive!

Non-essentials but nice-to-have

There are also some other things you might want to bring that aren’t so essential but may help make your uni life fun and stress-free.