Life and Medical Science facilities

Science laboratories

The School of Life and Medical Science has moved into the state-of-the-art science building, providing us with world-class laboratories for our teaching and research. The new building provides spacious naturally-lit laboratories and social spaces which create an environment that fosters multi-disciplinary learning and research.

Subject areas that are located here include the biosciences, pharmacy, pharmacology and pharmaceutical science, geography, environment and agriculture and nutrition and dietetics.

Take a virtual tour of the brand new science building.

Medical simulation suites

At the University of Hertfordshire, we place great importance on making sure you are prepared for working in your chosen industry. As part of this, we try to make sure you have the best facilities available to you because of this many of our courses have practical simulation included as core elements.

In the School of Life and Medical Sciences, this is seen mainly within the department of pharmacy, pharmacology and postgraduate medicine. It is also widely used by the School of Health and Social Work by paramedics, midwives, nurses and radiographers to become a multi-disciplinary learning environment.

These patient-facing courses, including optometry, require students to learn in simulated real-life scenarios in order to be professionals upon graduation. We have a range of simulation suites for exactly this purpose. This facility enables our students to work as a team while becoming familiar with different pieces of medical and monitoring equipment.

Each of these is equipped with audio and visual monitoring so you can watch best practice and learn from reflection of your own practice. We work with a range of actors, surrogate patients and state-of-the-art simulated mannequins to help recreate these real-life working environments.

See a virtual tour of our clinical simulation suites.

Specialist practical laboratories

Each of the subject areas in the School of Life and Medical Science has their own specialist facilities:


Specialist laboratories and a range of specialist equipment. Find out more.

Geography and geosciences

Specialist computing laboratories, suites of maps, laboratories for testing and analysis as well as our own field station. Find out more.

Field stations

Our four dedicated laboratories for geographical and environmental science house field study materials and aerial photography; IT and research resources for geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing; equipment for testing sediments; petrological microscopes; geological maps; and a rock and fossil collection.

Our geography, environment and planning students frequently visit our rural site in Bayfordbury for regular fieldwork activities.

Nutrition and dietetics

Our nutrition and dietetics laboratories allow students to prepare and analyse food and nutritional values for a variety of diets and metabolisms.

This is a fully equipped domestic scale teaching kitchen with several work stations that can accommodate up to 21 students. The lab is used for basic cooking skills, modifying recipes to meet special dietary requirements and to learn about the different cultural influences on food. Students also use the lab for developing their own teaching skills and some undertake their final year research projects for example exploring thickness needed for patients with swallowing difficulties.

We have a range of different resources in the lab including:

  • A diverse range of food models used in teaching
  • Equipment used to to guide portion size eg plates, bowls
  • Examples of specific dietary products eg gluten free and allergy related alternative foods
  • Library of product information
  • Teaching resources used for specific population groups eg pregnant women, children and older people living in care homes.

Nutrition and dietetic students will have the opportunity to use the world-class laboratories of the brand new science building. The new building provides spacious, naturally lit laboratories and social areas which create an environment that fosters multi-disciplinary learning and research.


Our newly refurbished sports facilities comprise 6-built laboratories and a therapy room with an adjacent sports injuries clinic. State-of-the-art sport, exercise and therapy equipment is located here, including systems for analysis and electrotherapy. Find out more.

Psychology observation suites

We have a psychology observation laboratory complete with a studio housing remote-controlled cameras. It is equipped with the latest sound and video technology including a digital edit suite.

Several other laboratories provide specialist facilities for human-computer interaction, group interaction and innovation. We have also invested in Psychology based software, including statistics, graphics, databases and neural net packages. Find out more.