Life and Medical Science facilities

Science Building

The School of Life and Medical Science is based in the University’s modern Science Building. This £50m facility gives you access to our naturally lit laboratories and social spaces, which offer a stimulating environment for multi-disciplinary learning and research.

From specialist practical and dispensing laboratories to a clinical simulation centre, you’ll have every opportunity to immerse yourself in real-life primary and secondary care environments. We have a range of teaching and research laboratories with the latest technology, so whether you’re studying chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, you’ll have everything you need to for comprehensive experiments and analysis. You’ll also benefit from our mock pharmacy, specialist computing labs or medical simulation suites. There is a communal lounge in the foyer, so when you need somewhere to chill and relax, we’ve got that covered too!

Our Health and Research Building complements the above facilities, providing newly equipped optical laboratories and clinical assessment cubicles for optometry. There’s even an extra clinical simulation centre.

Take a virtual tour of the brand new science building.

Medical simulation suites

At the University of Hertfordshire, we place great importance on making sure you are prepared for working in your chosen industry. As part of this, we try to make sure you have the best facilities available to you because of this many of our courses have practical simulation included as core elements.

In the School of Life and Medical Sciences, this is seen within all departments. It is also widely used by the School of Health and Social Work by paramedics, midwives, nurses and radiographers making it a multi-disciplinary learning environment.

These patient-facing courses require students to learn in simulated real-life scenarios in order to be professionals upon graduation.

We have a range of simulation suites for exactly this purpose, enabling our students to become familiar with different pieces of medical, monitoring and testing equipment.

Each lab is equipped with audio and visual monitoring so you can watch best practice and learn from reflection of your own practice.

We work with a range of actors, surrogate patients and state-of-the-art simulated mannequins to help recreate these real-life working environments.

Take a virtual tour of our clinical simulation suites.

Each of the subject areas in the School of Life and Medical Science has its own specialist facilities, some are listed below.