Human Geography lecture

Welcome to a shortened second year lecture about the legacy of placemaking in Hertfordshire. Join us as we look at the issues of a growing population in London and the effect it had on rural Hertfordshire. We explore Sir Ebenezer Howard's socialist vision of town planning, by bringing together town and country and building healthy homes for working people. We look at the principles of building a garden city and in particular, Letchworth Garden City. We also look at the principles of planning new towns in the post war period and how this led to the founding of the University of Hertfordshire. You’ll be able to link what you see here today with what you may have studied in your level 3 geography lessons.

A bit about Debbie Pearlman Hougie

Debbie Pearlman Hougie is a geographer and planner. She has worked in the planning profession and brings a wealth of practitioner experience to her teaching. Debbie is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and continues her practical role by advising local organisations. For the past 30 years, Debbie has taught human geography and planning at the University of Hertfordshire. She has a keen interest in walking, researching both urban green spaces and the countryside, and analysing the benefits and barriers to walking in those spaces. The significance of this has been highlighted by the covid-19 pandemic. Her research has covered the concept of quiet enjoyment in national parks, the right to roam and the lived experience of family walking in the British countryside.

Hertfordshire's Placemaking Legacy taster lecture

You can also watch our taster lecture on the environment.

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