Hertfordshire Guide To Growth - Five Years On

The Centre for Sustainable Communities has recently launched its publication written by Dr Susan Parham and Mr James Hulme, The Hertfordshire Guide to Growth – Five Years On which reviews the current development, design and planning situation in the county.

The report findings were explained and discussed at a very well attended and interesting research symposium held at the Riding School at Hatfield House on 23 October 2014. With a range of great speakers, panel members, and participants the Symposium considered lessons from creating new settlements in Scotland and the planning, design and strategic issues for guiding growth in Hertfordshire. The Proceedings of the Symposium can be downloaded here (PDF - 6.98 Mb).

The context for the research was that more than five years ago the University of Hertfordshire and our Chancellor, Lord Salisbury, sponsored the Hertfordshire Charrette, which was guided by Andrés Duany with assistance from the BRE and Turnberry Consultants, and involved a wide range of stakeholders with interests in the future of the county. Unusually, the Charrette had a broad focus on placemaking across the county rather than looking at just one settlement. It offered Hertfordshire residents and professionals the opportunity to work directly with a design team developing sustainable growth strategies.

View or download your own copy of the original Herts Guide To Growth (PDF - 4.71 Mb), and the recent Herts Guide To Growth - Five Years On (PDF - 3.33 Mb).