The CSC has a large number of associates with a broad range of expertise. These include:


Maurizio Catulli - Business School: sustainable business practices


Dr Keith Bevis - School of Engineering and Technology: recycling & power generation; carbon footprinting; pre-ISO 140001 assessments, Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Johann Siau - School of Engineering and Technology: low carbon smart technology aimed at energy usage, monitoring, generation and storage, for homes and buildings

Geography, Planning and Environment

Dr Agneta Burton - Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management: biodiversity; mosses; liverworts; lichens

Dr Darren Crook - Senior Lecturer, Human Geography: mountain development and environmental history; ferti-irrigation; historical land use changes; flooding

Dr James Jenkins - AIEMA, FRGS, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management: Environmental decision-making and problem-solving; water resources management and small businesses

Dr Richard Southern - FRGS, Head of Geography and Environmental Sciences: demography; urbanism; transport; placemaking

Art and Design

Prof Simeon Lockhart Nelson - Professor of Sculpture and Academic Group Leader, Visual Art Subject Group

Julian Lindley - Senior Lecturer, School of Creative Arts: sustainability and design; design methodology


Prof Owen Davies - Professor of Social History, Associate Head of the School of Humanities (Research): social cohesion; human wellbeing; heritage

Psychology and Philosophy

Dr Mike Page - Psychology: behavioural science

Education and Support

Dr Helen Barefoot - Deputy Head, Learning & Teaching Institute: flexible learning; alternatives to face-to-face learning; learning technologies; sustainable education

Jane Housham - Manager, UH Press: publishing