Location Analysis and Data Unit

Location and spatial planning influences every aspect of our lives. From wall paintings created thousands of years ago depicting a town plan, to a modern coffee shop chain deciding where to put its next outlet, mapping and analysing location data underpins the decisions that are made.

The University of Hertfordshire’s new Location Analysis & Data Unit (LADU) embeds location data and its analysis, within the teaching, research and consultancy provided by its geography and planning staff.

Students and researchers at the University, have undertaken a range of projects across various disciplines for example:

  • transport modelling
  • land-use assessment
  • funding allocation
  • customer analysis
  • feasibility assessments
  • drone imagery analysis.

Many of these projects have been in the form of consultancy provided to external clients.

LADU can offer mapping and location intelligence services to all sectors both within the University, for external partners. and consultancy clients.

If you are interested in using our services, please contact:
Aiden Bygrave
Jamie Cecil