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We are grateful for the engagement of many teacher educators and student teachers from different partnerships and settings in England and the Netherlands, who have contributed their stories.

Thank you too, for all the teacher educators internationally who have used the stories in workshops and provided many helpful comments and ideas. It has been great to work with you all!

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Meet the team

Dr Elizabeth White

Dr Elizabeth White

My work in the University of Hertfordshire School of Education has focussed on initial teacher education and mentor development. My research is about teacher educators who are based in their workplace, alongside their learners: the pedagogical choices that they make; their professional development needs; and how they can be nurtured in a professional learning community to support their emerging identity.

This research has surfaced the need of school-based teacher educators for professional learning resources, leading to the publication of School-based Teacher Training: A handbook for teachers and mentors (White and Jarvis, 2013).

Collaboration with academics from the UK and The Netherlands, has resulted in a number of books: Developing Outstanding Practice in School-based Teacher Education (Jones and White 2015); Being a Teacher Educator: Research-Informed Methods for Improving Practice (Swennen and White 2020) and The Teacher Educator’s Handbook. A Narrative Approach to Professional Learning (White 2021).

I am a member of the Professional Development of Teacher Educators Research and Development Community of the Association for Teacher Education in Europe and a member of the International Professional Development Association.

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Dr Miranda Timmermans

Dr Miranda TimmermansI am working as an Applied Professor of POO (School-University Partnership voor Primary Teacher Education) from the Marnix Academy - University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. My research and expertise is in the field of school-based teacher education and workplace learning. I address questions about what interventions can be used in school based education and a workplace pedagogy; how to build a rich workplace curriculum; how to prepare students for workplace learning, what qualities teacher educators (need to) have and how student teachers themselves see their learning in two contexts. Next to these themes I am involved in questions about the qualities of school-university partnerships and how to define and measure them.

My impact is especially on the Dutch context with diverse publications for Marnix Academy as well as for the Dutch Platform for School-based Teacher Education.

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Dr Claire Dickerson

Dr Claire DickersonI am a research fellow in the School of Education at the University of Hertfordshire. My research interests include teacher education, professional learning and changing practice in learning and teaching. Recent studies have involved documenting the views and experiences of student teachers, teachers and teacher educators in schools and higher education institutions in the UK and Malaysia. The research findings contribute to learning about the value of articulating pedagogy as a means of developing practice and to understanding teacher education and early teacher development.

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