Art & Design digital portfolios

Due to the Corona virus situation, applicants are being asked to submit a digital portfolio. You will be sent instructions on how to submit your portfolio once you have applied for the course and your application has been screened.

For image-based work

  • Images should be hosted on a publicly available image-sharing service such as Flickr, Google Photos, Behance or on a blogging service like Blogger, Tumblr or Wix. The images must be viewable without any password or login required.
  • You should provide a single link to the first image in the portfolio, so that we can work through the images in sequence. Each image should be accompanied by a short explanation of the work as a caption or title.
  • Think about the sequence of images and how they show your work, your ideas and development.
  • Include your full name and details on either the first or last page of the portfolio.

For video-based work

  • Upload your video(s) to a hosting service such as YouTube, Vimeo or Youku. If you have more than one video, make a channel or playlist which shows the work in sequence.
  • Include an explanation of the work in the caption/titles, including details of your role in the production.
  • Include your full name on either the first or last page of the portfolio.

If you have any questions, please contact the School of Creative Arts by emailing