The online interview process

Before the interview

Make sure you have the Zoom Client for Meetings software installed on your computer or device – this is free and can be downloaded here

Watch our subject talk

Please watch our presentation below. It explains why our programme is so well regarded in the industry, the subjects you'll be taught and shows examples of our student work.

On the day of the interview

Please attend at the correct time and make sure you have a working webcam and microphone and you have a good internet connection. You don’t need to dress up for the occasion (but please make sure you have at least got out of bed and are wearing clothes!). When you join the Zoom meeting you will be among a small group of other applicants (less than 12), our student ambassadors and the animation staff. Please make sure your Zoom name is your real name and that we can see you. One of the ambassadors will check your registration details with you to make sure you’ve come to the correct interview session. Staff will look for students who are applying to their degree and then take you to a separate break out room for the interview (this will be one to one). While you are waiting for an interview, please talk to the student ambassadors about anything you want to know about the course – they are students on it, and can offer you the best insider knowledge of it, so ask them about the course, the university, student life etc.

When you go into the breakout room with the member of animation staff who is interviewing you, make sure you have the link to your Artstation portfolio ready to post in the chat. The lecturer will then open that link and share his screen with you so that you can see the artwork he is reviewing and can answer questions about it. The interview process will take 20 -30 minutes, and you will be asked questions about your artwork, your knowledge of the industry, your career aspirations, artists or directors who inspire you and many others. This is also a good time to ask us questions. Make sure you have questions you want to ask us – there should be something you want to know about the course you are applying to, or the University itself.

The lecturers may make comments about how to improve the work in your portfolio; this may help you with interviews at other universities, so it is up to you to take notes if you wish to.

At the end of the interview, the lecturer may make an offer to you if your work and the interview has been particularly impressive, but usually the lecturers will confer at the end of the day regarding the work and compare the portfolios of the applicants before making a final decision, so it may be a few days before you hear the results.

Once the interview is over you are free to leave – you may return to the main Zoom room if you wish to ask the ambassadors more questions, but otherwise feel free to relax!