Digital Animation interview process

The admissions team will invite you to an interview by email. You will be given a choice of dates and can request a different date if you need to.

If you need any special consideration or assistance during the interview, please contact our Admissions Tutor Megan Knight in advance at

If you can’t attend the interview, please let us know in good time. We can arrange an alternative date or may request a digital portfolio, supplemented by an electronic interview if necessary.

Watch our subject talk

Please watch our presentation below. It explains why our programme is so well regarded in the industry, the subjects you'll be taught and shows examples of our student work.

On the day of the interview

The interview process will take 20 -30 minutes, and you will be asked questions about your artwork, your knowledge of the industry, your career aspirations, artists or directors who inspire you and many others. This is also a good time to ask us questions. Make sure you have questions you want to ask us – there should be something you want to know about the course you are applying to, or the University itself.

The lecturers may make comments about how to improve the work in your portfolio; this may help you with interviews at other universities, so it is up to you to take notes if you wish to.

At the end of the interview, the lecturer may make an offer to you if your work and the interview has been particularly impressive, but usually the lecturers will confer at the end of the day regarding the work and compare the portfolios of the applicants before making a final decision, so it may be a few days before you hear the results.