Postgraduate music

A portfolio of distinct awards covering the most relevant areas of the current audio and music industry gives you the chance to choose the one best suited to you and the career you dream about.

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The courses are designed to provide industry-focused education aimed at developing music and sound professionals who wish to operate successfully in four distinct yet related areas of the current audio and music industry. The studio techniques, technologies and processes that have become the backbone of current practice constitute the common ground on which the respective pathways intersect. The approach to the technology, and the specific application of the studio tools, however, differ significantly in each award path.

The MSc Music and Sound for Film and Games effectively covers the most relevant areas of soundtrack composition and production, and is specifically conceived to respond to the current demand for creative professionals who are able to provide both sound design and music content for the film and video game industries.

The two MSc Music and Sound Technology awards are conceived specifically for applicants interested in assisting the music-making process by defining the technical specifications and operating the technological apparatuses, either as audio engineers / producers within recording, production and live-sound settings (audio engineering pathway); or as software developers, consultants and audio-media specialists providing customised software solutions and tools (audio programming pathway).

The MA Creative Music Production is aimed at applicants specifically interested in applying studio technologies and skills to the creation of their own original music (as opposed to “producing” other artists’ music). Having acquired solid bases in the studio technology, processes and practices, students address the purely formal, artistic and aesthetic aspects of music-making, and the specific compositional devices and strategy applicable to DAW-based realisations of original material, developing a sophisticated awareness of current artistic and aesthetic trends, and an enhanced awareness of the musicology of production.

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Research-informed teaching

In the School of Creative Arts, and at postgraduate level in particular, we place a great emphasis on our commitment to deliver research-informed teaching. All teaching staff are active researchers and practitioners, bringing valuable insights to their teaching by drawing from their published research outputs that range from focused theoretical investigation to field work and commercial projects.

Addressing global and societal challenges

The structure of the Postgraduate Music programme actively encourages cross-disciplinary collaborations by sharing a number of sessions with all postgraduate students in the School of Creative Arts, including filmmakers, video/game/media artists, designers, etc. These are further supported by an overarching approach embedded in the curriculum that emphasises the relevance of working collaboratively both nationally and internationally, while also fostering a developed awareness of the ethical and social implications of one’s work, and promoting a commitment to a sustainable practice.