MA Art therapy

The University of Hertfordshire has an established international reputation for producing outstanding art therapists. Boasting one of the first established art therapy courses in the UK, our graduates have played an important part in shaping the art therapy profession in the UK and internationally.

We offer Art Therapy training embedded within our School of Creative Arts, enabling interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-pollination across a broad range of art forms and technologies. There are no boundaries for our students; all facilities and equipment is open to students from across the School, meaning our Art Therapy students can explore a wide variety of materials and mediums in our state of the art studios and workshops, and infuse their work with innovative new techniques.

This reflects our deep commitment to developing the aesthetic engagement of our students and strengthening their identity as art practitioners as well as therapists.

Strengthening therapy through research

Our strong research base explores the therapeutic, cultural, aesthetic and political implications of race, culture, identity, heritage and social cohesion. Students develop a rigorous theoretical and psychoanalytically informed framework, allowing them to respond and propose interventions into a rapidly changing national and global landscape.

We educate our students to be psychosocially engaged practitioners who can deploy a flexible and integrated approach with a wide range of groups and individuals in society. Our programmes cultivate empathic, in-depth sensitivity and openness to the complexity of therapeutic work, and our students develop high level critical thinking skills, a range of research methodologies, a strong visual language and a robust professional identity.

Our graduates are equipped with the ideal skill set to pioneer a career in the field of art therapy. They go on to launch successful and rewarding careers in a wide range of areas, creating a real impact by using art to help others overcome difficult situations.

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MA Art Therapy