Centre for Social Enterprise

The Hertfordshire Business School Centre for Social Enterprise aims to support third sector organisations in Hertfordshire and beyond, to help grow a successful and vibrant community. By engaging the Business School students and staff we encourage social responsibility and respect for others. Since its establishment in 2009 the Centre has worked on various projects that have assisted the local community, addressing the organisations’ strategic concerns as well as practical issues.

The Centre is accredited by PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education) and part of the worldwide Enactus network.

The Centre offers local organisations the chance to tap into the Business School’s expertise, resources and knowledge, providing for overall positive engagement in areas such as leadership, strategy, HR management, sustainability, project management, statistics and marketing.

The Centre supports the Third Sector in many ways:

  • embedding Third Sector projects in Hertfordshire Business School curricula
  • promoting and supporting short or long-term placements in the Third Sector
  • utilising undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations to address specific issues raised by the organisations in the sector
  • delivering consultancy projects
  • encouraging active volunteering by the University’s staff and students
  • embedding volunteering and/or fundraising for charities within areas of our curriculum
  • acting as a brokerage hub to link various organisations.

The Centre for Social Enterprise is headed by Madeline Tan.