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Programme Ambassadors

The close relationships between Hertfordshire Business School and our programme ambassadors help with learning, hiring, strategic alignment, and collective innovation.​

Our network of ambassadors enrich our teaching programmes with their expertise, real-world application of theory, and knowledge exchange. Programmes are kept up to date and constantly responding to the evolving needs of businesses.​

Programme ambassadors operate in an advisory capacity with the programme teams in a variety of ways: providing and presenting relevant case studies, employing students in an intern or placement capacity, offering advice to students, running specialist workshops, proving guest speakers or collaborating on live student projects.​

As well as a philanthropic benefit, ambassadors gain fresh insights and perspectives, have access to a local talent-pool and can work with our students to research and address business challenges. ​

We welcome approaches from organisations looking to access and support our students, or develop a joint initiative.​

If you are interested in becoming a programme ambassador please email