Volume 6 of Writing Visual Culture

Between Texts and Cities

Guest Editors for Volume 6: Dr Daniel Marques Sampaio and Michael Heilgemeir


  1. Dr Daniel Marques Sampaio - 'Introduction: Between Texts and Cities' (PDF - 0.21 Mb)
  2. Dr Christopher Garland - 'Port-au-Prince is New Orleans: Race, Space, and the Spectacle of Suffering' (PDF - 0.28 Mb)
  3. Dr Demetrios V. Kapetanakos - 'The Neighborhood Is Dangerous, But We Got There": Urban Space, NeoliberalResistance, and Black Representation in Isaac Julien's Looking for Langston' (PDF - 0.63 Mb)
  4. Lance Hanson - 'Edgelands Aesthetics: Exploring the Liminal in Andrea Arnold's Fishtank' (2009) (PDF - 0.27 Mb)
  5. Dr Peter Clandfield - 'Red Road Re-visions' (PDF - 2.39 Mb)
  6. Dr Nicola Mann - 'A Disconnected Community? (Re)visioning the Heygate Council Estate Through Digital Activism' (PDF - 0.71 Mb)
  7. Dr Daniela N. Prina - 'Superstudio's Dystopian Tales: Textual and Graphic Practice as Operational Method' (PDF - 0.28 Mb)
  8. Sebastian Klausner - 'Ōtomo's Exploding Cities – The Intersection of Class and City in Ōtomo Katsuhiro's Works Before, During, and After the Bubble Economy in Japan' (PDF - 0.29 Mb)

Download 'Between Texts and Cities' as a single volume (PDF - 7.36 Mb)

Referees for Volume 6

  • Dr Daniel Marques-Sampaio from the School of Creative Arts
  • Michael Heilgemeir from the School of Creative Arts
  • Dr Susan Parham, Head of Urbanism, Centre for Sustainable Communities, University of Hertfordshire