TVAD Impact

TVAD logoThe TVAD research group is committed to fostering research that has public benefit, and to extending the impact of our research initiatives with academic colleagues through activities such as:

TVAD talks

A monthly research seminar including both University of Hertfordshire speakers and guests.

2018/19 Programme

10/10 Alana Jelinek 'Corporate Censorship'

4/11 Toby Miller (Loughborough University) 'Greening the Media' (with the Media Research Group, and Contemporary Arts Practice)

16/01 Zoe Hendon (Middlesex University) 'Working at the Intersection of Archives and Practice'20/02 Ljubomir Jankovic 'Evolving Building Designs for Climate Change'

27/03 Jessica Kelly (University of the Creative Arts) 'No more Giants: Architectural Criticism, Modernism and JM Richards'

08/05 Kinsi Abdulleh (Numbi Arts) 'The view from an East African-centred, globally inclusive arts organisation' (with Contemporary Arts Practice CAP)

Conferences and Symposia

2019 conference

'Artists, Designers and the Philosophers we Love'

When: 21 June 2019
Where: School of Creative Arts, College Lane, Hatfield
Confirmed speakers: Hudda Khaireh (Artist, independent), Kerry Purcell (Designer, University of Hertfordshire), Alana Jelinek (Artist, University of Hertfordshire)