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Our research seminars Glass hand sculpture

Join our research seminars and hear about current research in the School of Creative Arts. They explore the relationship between theory and practice and cover the following topics:

  • art history
  • design history
  • art theory
  • design theory.

You may be a researcher, an artist, designer or historian, or perhaps you would just like to come along and learn something new? We always aim to make our seminars interesting and inclusive. Everyone is welcome.

The TVAD approach to our regular talks is to support and disseminate the excellent research conducted by scholars at University of Hertfordshire. Across the School of Creative Arts we have numerous scholars with recently published books and articles. Plus our DFA, DDes and PhD candidates have cutting-edge research to share.

Our Programme of Talks 2021/22

Our talks take place on a Wednesday lunchtime 13:00 - 14:30. They are currently delivered online.

To sign up for a TVAD talk alert, please contact Alana Jelinek

20 October 2021: Dr Steven Adams

17 November 2021: Dr Alana Jelinek

12 January 2022: Sarah-Jane Harknett (DHeritage candidate)

9 February 2022: Dr Kim Walden

9 March 2022: Rob Godman

6 April 2022: Nicola Moody (DFA candidate)

Previous Talks 2019-21

18 Nov 2020 Prof Dr Grace Lees-Maffei, Getting a Handle on It: Embodied Research using Touch in Design History (online)
14 Oct 2020 Mikayla J Laird (UH PhD candidate) - Travelling Through Time in the Comic Book Medium (online)
1 Apr 2020  Dr Alana Jelinek - Between Discipline and a Hard Place: The Value of Contemporary Art
19 Feb 2020  Dr Silvio Carta - Larger, anonymous and machine-driven collectives: How algorithms transcend private into the public life of individuals
15 Jan 2020  Prof Dr Grace Lees-Maffei - Signifying Orientalism, Chinoiserie and Japonisme: Fashion Photography in UK Vogue
13 Nov 2019  Stephen Hunt (UH Designer and UH DEd candidate) - On Creativity
9 Oct 2019 Dr Steven Adams - Some Thoughts on Writing about the Past: Deleuze and Uncertainty

Watch TVAD talks on YouTube

Our talks are sometimes filmed and available through the University of Hertfordshire's YouTube channel, in the Creative Arts Research playlist. Some examples of our talks are below:

Creative Arts Building
Speaker: Mikayla J Laird (Doctoral Candidate, University of Hertfordshire)...
Creative Arts Building
Prof Ljubomir Jankovic (University of Hertfordshire)...
Creative Arts Building
Alana Jelinek (University of Hertfordshire)...

Travelling Through Time in the Comic Book Medium (2020)


Deep Simplicity of Zero (2019)


Corporate Censorship (2018)

TVAD International Symposium 2023

Theme and call for papers to be announced November 2022

TVAD - Our research in our communities

  • We host an annual international symposium. Papers from previous symposia and conferences are available though our peer-reviewed journal 
  • We have a blog of past achievements including contributions from our collaborators