Research degrees and studentships

There are a number of routes open to suitably motivated and qualified individuals who wish to undertake postgraduate research in the fields of

leading to either an MSc by Research (normally after 1 year) or PhD (normally after 3-4 years) postgraduate degree. We also offer, if resources allow, part-time PhDs.

We welcome informal enquiries from potential candidates. You are strongly encouraged to contact members of academic staff to ask about possible research topics.

Off-cycle PhD recruitment round: closing date 1st September

The Mathematics/Mathematical Physics group invites applications for a PhD position starting in January 2021. The closing date for applications is 1st September 2020. This position is open to UK/EU candidates and is fully funded for 3.5 years.

Self-funded and Part-time PhD

Suitably qualified candidates may also register as self-funded full-time or part-time PhD students, contingent on sufficient resources being available and research staff commitments. Applications are considered on an individual basis and may be made at any time. Self-funded PhD students may be eligible to apply for a government loan.

MSc by Research

We also offer an MSc by Research degree which can be taken either full-time (1 year) or part-time (2 years). Students who enrol in this programme will gain a training in research methods and have the opportunity to work on a substantial research project under the supervision of a member of the research staff. As with the PhD, assessment is through submission of a thesis documenting the research project and a viva voce examination. Students are responsible for the payment of fees and living expenses. Applications are welcome up until June for entry in October. Potential applicants should contact us for advice on qualifications, fees and further information.

How to apply

To apply, a completed application form, along with 2 letters of reference, should be returned (by post or email) to Lynette Spelman at the address below. You should arrange for your referees to write separately using the form provided.

The application form can be downloaded on this link or can be requested from

Contact Dr Sugata Kaviraj for advice on making your application or for further information.