Marketing and Enterprise

Our research explores a number of distinct and interrelated themes within the broad field of marketing and enterprise, with a focus on the contexts of Industrial Marketing, Education, Franchising, Food and Small Business Marketing.

These themes cover issues arising from a range of factors including technology, sustainability and well-being.

Recent externally funded projects

Innovation by stealth: Paths to innovativeness in franchise networks (BA/Leverhulme)

Older people's perceptions and experiences of strengths and vulnerabilities across UK food system. (ESRC and FSA)

The impact of facial expression on consumer diet self-regulation: An emotional contagion approach (British Academy of Management)

Our members

  • Prof Ross Brennan
  • Dr Peter Fraser
  • Dr Ariadne Kapetanaki
  • Dr Alex Lee
  • Diane Morrad
  • David Shaw
  • Dr Lynn Vos
  • Dr Anna Watson