Research labs (ENESD)

Specialist facilities in ENESD include three key laboratories. In the area of Energy conversion and storage systems they operate two laboratories, the Energy Harvesting and Storage Research Laboratory and the Metrology Research Laboratory. Activities in the Metrology Laboratory are conducted in partnership with the Materials and Structures laboratory and the manufacturing workshop of the Materials and Structures Research Group providing access to 3D printers, laser cut machines and 5-axis CNC machines. Industrial innovation is currently in the mainstream of their activities with an approximate £600k worth of KTPs currently running between the Energy Harvesting and Storage and the Metrology research labs.

Energy Harvesting and Storage Research Laboratory, Dr Mohammad Reza Herfatmanesh

To work with the Energy and Storage Research Lab contact or call +44 (0) 1707 283185.

The research lab conducts research in energy efficient piezoelectric energy harvesting systems and develops functional polymers.

Bespoke laboratory equipment

  • Torrey Pines EchoTherm stir hotplate to prepare mixtures at specific mixing speeds and pre-programmed temperature profiles
  • ElCOMETER automatic film to create polymer films with specific thickness
  • ARCTIC refrigerated circulating to quench the samples
  • poling station equipped with a Spellman high voltage power supply
  • Sinocera D33 test meter and a KEYSIGHT network analyser to measure the D33 constant and the impedance respectively
  • bespoke 3-omega thermal conductivity measurement test rig to measure the thermal conductivity of functional materials
  • 3D printer to manufacture rapid prototypes utilising bi-stable PZT piezoelectric elements
  • two 24-core computing facility to perform advanced numerical simulation on energy harvesting and energy storage systems using COMSOL and ANSYS.

Metrology Research Laboratory, Prof Yong Chen

To work with us in the Metrology Research Lab​ contact or call +44 (0) 1707 284280​

Bespoke laboratory equipment

  • Smart S​cope ZIP 450 for video and multi-sensor measurement
  • Faro Arm which enables highly-precise and reliable 3D measurements of both large and small parts during production and quality assurance processes
  • a high performance hot disc thermal analyser and nano tester.

New laboratory investment includes testing facilities for urban wind turbines and a FTIR Analyser to enable the Energy Harvesting and Storage and Metrology research laboratories to:

  • develop and characterise advance functional polymers;
  • develop smart functional materials for sensing applications;
  • develop self-powered sensors;
  • development of sensors for strain field measurement and crack detection;
  • key pressure transduces and facilities to test urban wind energy devices.

Advanced Powertrain Research Laboratory, Dr Mohammad Reza Herfatmanesh

To work with the Advanced Powertrain Research Lab contact or call +44 (0) 1707 283185.

The Advanced Powertrain Laboratory activities are supported by a specialised facility in Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH). Current research projects of approximately £500k are currently funded mainly by APC/ IUK with strong financial support from industrial partners, including two fully funded PhDs.

Engine cells

The Advanced Powertrain Laboratory has 4 engine cells, a Multi-cylinder diesel, a single cylinder diesel, a multi-cylinder petrol and an optical single cylinder petrol.

Equipment and High Performance Computing

  • Testo 350 emission analyser and an AVL smoke meter for emission testing
  • PHOTRON SA3 high speed camera for high speed imaging  bespoke fuel injection equipment characterisation test rig to measure fuel injection rate and quantity
  • rolling road testing facility to perform engine mapping and drive-cycle emission testing
  • High performance computing for numerical simulation of advanced IC engines using GT-POWER, ANSYS, CONVERGE SCIENCE and AVL FIRE.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) laboratory facility

  • 4-post-test rig for automotive suspension testing
  • PULSE Material Testing system with full set of triaxle accelerometers and 1/2" Free-field Microphone to perform modal analysis as well as acoustic emission and vibration based condition monitoring of rotating machinery and IC engine
  • Transmission Loss Tube Kit (50 Hz - 6.4 kHz) to perform acoustic characterization of insulating materials for automotive applications
  • Anechoic Chamber (2.5mx2.5mx3m) complemented by a comprehensive suite measurement and analysis equipment to perform Sound Power Determination
  • Condition Monitoring equipped with a range of electrodynamic shakers, a SKF bearing test equipment and a bespoke gearbox condition monitoring system for the development of acoustic and vibration based condition monitoring techniques

New laboratory investment includes a Flywheel testing facility, PLIF measurement system, PIV measurement system, PDA measurement system, single cylinder diesel engine conversion to optical to increase the labs' capabilities in

  • developing advanced flywheel testing facilities for energy storage applications in the automotive and off-highway sectors
  • developing low carbon energy efficient powertrain
  • offering complete optical diagnostic measurement for combustion analysis
  • developing dual-combustion systems
  • validating numerical simulation based on optical diagnostic measurement data
  • implementing new methodology to perform robust and reliable condition monitoring
  • identifying fault indicators for the acoustic condition monitoring of rotating machinery
  • structural analysis and mechanical testing of flywheel for energy storage.