Energy and Sustainable Design (ENESD)

Welcome to the Energy and Sustainable Design Research Group

ENESD develops and exploits a wide range of sustainable energy and design systems. This includes renewable energy, energy harvesting, energy storage, thermal and cooling management, two phase and multiphase flow, fuel cells, batteries, additive manufacturing and sustainable transportation. Modelling, simulations and laboratory investigation are employed for system optimisation and discovery of energy storage materials.

Typically, they apply their work to smart wind energy systems for urban and remote areas, energy harvest systems from suspension and floors, ultra-efficient IC engines, electrical vehicles, hybrid vehicles, efficient cooling systems and heat transfer enhancement.

Prof Yong Kang Chen

Prof Chen’s main research activities lie in nano-materials and applied mechanics with his interdisciplinary expertise in linear and nonlinear finite element analysis with materials and structural integrity. His research interests also include renewable energy and carbon storage systems.  His work in Advanced Materials and Mechanics, such as wear and friction of polymer composites is internationally recognised.

He is proactively consulting and collaborating widely in industry. A wide range of his projects have been funded by EPSRC, TSB, EU FP7 and industry. He acted as the lead Guest Editor of an international journal, and is an Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

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Our experts

  • Yong Chen
  • Li Liang
  • Christos Kalyvas
  • Hongwei Wu
  • Opukuro David-West
  • Marzio Grasso
  • Mose Bevilacqua
  • Mohammad Herfatmanesh
  • Jombo Gbanaibolou
  • Wenbin Zhang

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For enquiries and the opportunity to work with the Energy and Sustainable Design Research Group, please contact Prof Yong K Chen, ENESD Research Group Leader.