Advanced Data Modelling

About the course

This course is about topics beyond basic analysis techniques including building statistical/predictive models involving covariates and confounding factors. It also covers the analysis of variables which are binary, categorical and ordered categories.

This course is aimed at those with a working knowledge of statistics who wish to learn about or improve their competence and confidence in using more advanced methods of analysing data, including psychologists, behavioural, health and social scientists. It is particularly suitable for those who have participated in our Intermediate/Refresher Course in Statistics. You are encouraged to bring your own data for discussion/analysis.

The topics covered in this course are ANCOVA/MANOVA/MANCOVA, binary logistic regression, multinomial logistic regression, ordered multinomial logistic regression. These topics will be demonstrated using SPSS.

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Course fees

Dates can be organised if an organisation have a group of people wanting to take this course.