Dietetics Degree Apprenticeship

About the course

Final Award: BSc (Hons) Dietetics (degree apprenticeship)

Our three-year undergraduate dietetics degree apprenticeship includes both online and face-to-face learning. The programme is led by the Nutrition and Dietetics team at the University of Hertfordshire, who run our undergraduate programme and an online postgraduate course, and is supported by dietetic managers in the East of England.

Why choose this course?

If you are passionate about nutrition and health, pursuing a dietetics apprenticeship provides a unique pathway to turn your passion into a rewarding profession. Embarking on a journey in the field of dietetics is not just about pursuing a career; it's about making a meaningful impact on people's lives.

Our comprehensive programme includes the following benefits:

  • Practical experience from day one: unlike traditional theory-led academic programmes, our apprenticeship allows you to immerse yourself in real-world scenarios right from the start. Whether you're working in clinical settings, community health organisations, or food service establishments, you'll be actively involved in applying your knowledge to help individuals make healthier choices and improve their well-being.
  • Mentorship and guidance: you'll learn from seasoned professionals who are passionate about guiding the next generation of dietitians. Mentorship plays a crucial role in your development as an apprentice, providing you with insights, advice, and support to significantly accelerate your learning curve, helping you build confidence and competence in your role.
  • Tailored training: what sets this apprenticeship apart is that it is a tailored training programme that caters to the individual needs of each apprentice. Whether you're focusing on clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, public health, or another specialized area, you'll have the flexibility to tailor your apprenticeship experience to align with your career goals and aspirations.
  • Contribution to Public Health: by choosing this dietetics apprenticeship, you're not just investing in your own future, you're also contributing to the greater good of public health. Whether you're working with individuals to manage chronic conditions, advocating for policy changes to improve food access, or conducting research to advance nutritional science, your work has the potential to positively impact countless lives.

What will I study?

Professional Accreditations

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, you'll meet the requirements of the dietitian (integrated degree) apprenticeship standard. Graduates are eligible to register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to practice as a fully qualified dietitian, ready to make a real impact on people's health.

Apprentices can also become full members of the British Dietetic Association in recognition of your commitment to maintaining high standards in dietetic practice, hard work and dedication to the field of dietetics.


Graduates of the programme can pursue employment opportunities within the NHS, private sector, or tertiary sector – in hospitals, GP surgeries, schools, industry, and in the community. Graduates can also consider a career in clinical research or teaching, either in the UK or overseas.

The University’s careers service provides a range of support to help apprentices develop skills attractive to employers. Visit our careers pages for more information.