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Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a fantastic addition to your CV and LinkedIn profile and boosts your personal and professional development.

Our alumni tell us that the benefits of giving back to Herts as an Alumni Ambassador are hugely rewarding and include skills that are valued by employers. They include:

  • professional skills development and experience
  • presentation skills
  • coaching and mentoring
  • team working
  • building new connections and networks with like-minded people.
Emily Bowers portrait
Emily has helped students with interview practice...
Jamee Ahmed portrait
Jamee talks to students about routes into the biotech industry...
Chika Madubuko portrait
Chika hosted a Q&A for aspiring student entrepreneurs...

Emily Bowers

Emily had a brilliant student experience which has motivated her to give-back and inspire the next generation of teachers. Over the past couple of years, Emily has volunteered to speak to current students about a career in teaching, got involved with mock assessment centers which provide students with practice at job interviews, and she has shared her advice and featured as an alumni case study!

Emily says, ‘I find giving back to Herts rewarding as Herts helped me so much to develop my professional career. It is great to help current students develop and learn what the working world is like. It is also brilliant that Herts provides the opportunity to volunteer and complete days like the Assessment Centre, I feel lucky to be on this journey together.’

Emily Bowers image

‘I would also encourage other graduates to stay connected and get involved with volunteering at Herts to help the next generation of alumni and to add skills to your own CV.’

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Jamee Ahmed

As an Alumni Ambassador at Herts Jamee has delivered talks to Bioscience Research students about his career journey and gave his industry insights. He says, ‘My involvement in these events is a great way for me to help the next generation of Herts students. As a student at university, I wanted to get an insight into different career options, so now that I have graduated and pursued my desired career, I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience, highlighting what a career in regulatory entails and its importance in the industry.’

Jamee Ahmed image

‘I like to volunteer and offer my knowledge and skills to support a range of organisations, initiatives and causes that I am passion about. I believe this allows me to make a positive difference and help others.’

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Chika Madubuko

Chika's advice for other students - 'You have the best recipe for success as a University of Hertfordshire alumni. Just go for it, the world is your oyster! It's okay to make mistakes. Fail forward, get better, rinse, repeat.'
Chika Madubuko image
In October 2022 Chika visited the UK and hosted a Q&A on campus for aspiring student entrepreneurs. Chika says 'When growing my business, mentorship from successful entrepreneurs has helped me a lot. Attending relevant networking events has also proven useful'.

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