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The University of Hertfordshire is a proud University Alliance member, part of a group of 16 leading professional and technical UK universities.

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What makes professional and technical universities special?

1.  We specialise in working with employers:

  • We prioritise collaboration with business and industries
  • To ensure the education we offer aligns with the needs of the job market.

2.  We teach career-ready skills:

  • Our primary goal is to equip students with skills that are directly applicable in their chosen professions
  • The curriculum is designed to be practical, preparing students for the challenges and demands of the workplace.

3.  Knowledge and Research driving industry innovation:

  • We are actively involved in research that contributes to advances and innovation in various industries
  • The knowledge generated from research is not only theoretical but has real-world applications, influencing and driving industry growth.

What does this look like for our students?

Our educational experience is tailored to be hands-on, industry-focused, and geared towards practical skills. The student experience in a professional and technical university is designed to bridge the gap between academia and the working world. It's about learning by doing, gaining exposure to real-world challenges, and being equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for success in a specific industry. It involves:

1. Hands-on practical teaching and assessment:

  • Instead of just theoretical lectures, students engage in activities that directly apply to real-world scenarios
  • Assessment methods might include practical projects, simulations, and tasks that mirror the challenges they will face in their future careers.

2.  Learning from and with employers:

  • Industry placements: Students work directly within companies through industry placements, gaining hand-on experience
  • Live projects: Students collaborate on real projects with businesses, solving actual  problems and contributing to industry
  • Teachers with industry backgrounds: Having educators with practical experience in their field ensures that students learn from professionals, who understand the current industry landscape.

Together, we share a vision that universities play a considerable role as an employer, educator, business partner and driver of research for globally significant projects. Our aim is to fuel the ideas, skills, perspectives and solutions to drive progress and help our economic, social and cultural future.

Professor Quintin McKellar CBE

Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, University of Hertfordshire

I have been personally bowled over by the quality of students at the University of Hertfordshire. We are super proud to be supporting the university and the work they do.

James Darley

CEO, Transform Society

The lecturers were world-class, active astronomers, so each class was dynamic to the ever-changing knowledge of their respective fields of research. Their willingness to accept keen students for extracurricular research projects gave me early first-hand experience of the career I was about to launch myself into.

Dr Samuel Nathan Richards, studied Astrophysics, University of Hertfordshire

Mission Director & Instrument Scientist, NASA

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